Beat Anxiety For Good

There is a simple trick to beat acute anxiety attacks that works for me. So, I’m doing my best to share it with the world. I hope that I can help someone else beat anxiety. You can help by liking, commenting and sharing! 

In addition to creating this video, I also made an online course that explains, in more detail, why I think this trick works and exactly how to do it.
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A Link Between School, ADHD, Anxiety, and Depression

A Link Between School, ADHD, Anxiety and Depression

Children know how important school is – they hear it from their parents and loved ones starting at a very young age. So, when they find that they’re struggling with learning in school, it can create feelings of inadequacy and anxiety. In some cases, those feelings are limited and pass quickly, but a lot of times, it leads to bigger problems like ADHD, anxiety and depression.  Continue reading “A Link Between School, ADHD, Anxiety, and Depression”

Motivating Teenagers For Life

Life isn’t all about getting good grades. If that’s what is motivating teenagers today maybe it is time to worry. But if your teenager is struggling with school, and isn’t getting good grades, definitely don’t be worried for the wrong reasons. Bad grades do not mean your teenager is dumb and lazy. They’re probably a red flag signaling our education system is not meeting your child’s needs. Maybe your teenager needs a different kind of motivation.  Continue reading “Motivating Teenagers For Life”

Success with Self-Directed Learning

Success With Self-Directed Learning

The world has changed so much that the importance of learning effectively and quickly cannot be overemphasized. Gone are the days when life followed a straightforward pattern – you graduated from college, got a good job, got married and then built a blissful career with the same skills you learned in college. To succeed in today’s world, you must learn constantly and adapt quickly to an ever-changing world.  Continue reading “Success with Self-Directed Learning”